Winter Garden Lodge Reclaims Traveling Gavel

Pictured are 13 members of Winter Garden lodge and the officers of Mokanna Lodge. Mokanna’s WM Ryan Kilmartin (covered) is handing the Traveling Gavel to Winter Garden’s WM Frank Lopez.

At a stated communication at Mokanna Lodge yesterday evening (Feb. 23rd, 2015) The Worshipful Master along with 12 Master Masons and Past Masters from Winter Garden Lodge traveled to the meeting and were awarded with the Traveling gavel trophy at the end of the evening.  The coveted prize was only taken from Winter Garden Lodge by Mokanna Lodge at Winter Garden Lodge’s stated communication last Thursday.  

Dinner was supplied by several of the brothers who had entered a chili cookoff.  There were 15 entries and there was some really good chili.  R:.W:. Steve Teal gave a fantastic presentation about our Masonic Home to an open lodge with family and friends present.  R:.W:. Johnny Brock spoke on the Masonic Home Pilgrimage Day and the joy felt by both the residence of the Masonic Home and the brethren taking part in the pilgrimage.  W:. Frank Lopez spoke on the MH100 program and W:. Ryan Kilmartin spoke on many other ways that we Masons contribute to the Masonic Home.  The evening was topped off with a bowl of ice cream and fellowship.  Winter Garden Welcomes visitors to try and get the gavel.