Trestle Board for September 2015



Winter Garden Stated Communication on Sept 3rd at 7:30PM

Bahia Shrine on Sept 3rd at 7:30PM

Masters & Wardens at Orlando 69 on Sept 5th. Breakfast at 8AM meeting at 9AM

District 17 Memorial Lodge at Orlando 69 on Sept 5th. Immediately following M&W

Winter Garden called communication to confer the EA Degree on Sept 10th at 7PM

York Rite Chapter/ Council on Sept 10th at Eola Lodge, Dinner 6:30PM, Meeting 7:30PM

Winter Garden  Stated Communication on Sept17th at 7:30PM, dinner at 6:30PM

Winter Garden called communication to confer the MM Degree on Sept 24th at 7PM

District School of Instruction on Sept 23rd at 7PM at Orlando 69.

York Rite Commandery on Sept 24th at Eola Lodge, Dinner 6:30PM, Meeting 7:30PM

Scottish Rite  Stated Meeting on Sept 25th at 7PM

Open Books on Sept. 26th at 9AM at Winter Park 239




Another successful month in the books my brothers!  I would like to congratulate Brother Angel Miranda on being passed to the degree of Fellow Craft at our first stated communication.  We had a good turnout for the degree and the degree team did a great job with the ritual work.  We also had a successful DDGM visit at our second stated communication.  The  District Deputy Grand Master and District Instructor were both impressed with the visit and commented that we were one of the top lodges in the district.  I appreciate the team effort it takes to run the lodge and to make sure that things are getting done.  Thank you for your continued committed efforts.    

At our first stated communication in September, we will be balloting on a few petitions for new members, Mr. Seth Gibson and Mr. Alexander (Zander) Arthur.  We will also be receiving two petitions for plural membership for Worshipful Gerald Whitlock, and a petition for affiliation for Brother David Barron who is looking to transfer his membership from Temple Terrace Lodge.  Also, we will be reading two resolutions to address the increase in per capita ($20) from Grand Lodge and one for the increase in our yearly dues to $100.  These resolutions will be then balloted on next month in order to change the by-laws officially. 

We will conferring two degrees in the month of September.  An EA Degree is scheduled for September 10th at 7:00 pm and a MM Degree is scheduled for September 24th at 7:00 pm.  They will be called communications for the purpose of conferring these degrees. Please come out and support these candidates.

At our second stated communication in September, we should be receiving the fellow craft proficiency from Brother Angel Miranda which would allow us to confer the MM Degree on the 4th Thursday of September.  We are also looking to have one of the appended bodies come and give a presentation on the organization.  It is my intent to have the Scottish Rite, York Rite, and Memorial lodge come and give presentations in Lodge over the next 2 months to further our masonic knowledge about these groups.   

The next building project that we will be working on will be the sound system in the lodge.  After that is completed, we will be looking to fix the front door hinge and then fix the windows after that in the cooler fall months.    

I look forward to seeing you all during the upcoming events, and would encourage you to reach out to a member that you haven’t seen in a while and invite them to lodge again. 


Frank Lopez

Worshipful Master, Winter Garden Lodge No. 165



Greetings from the west.

 Fraternal greetings from the west.  Summer is over and kids are back-to-school.  Time for us to be thinking about engagement in school activities.  Getting our school and teacher support active and engaging the locals schools.  We have already identified recognizing the local JRROTC cadets in the spring.  Be looking for opportunities with your child’s school were we can help.

It was great to hear RH Kilmartin make comments at our DDGM visit of how great we perform our ritual work.  Each time I think about “one more practice,” I compensate that with the mental reward of constantly raising the bar.   That said, we are practicing on Wednesdays for all of September for an EA degree Sept 10 and then move right into practice for a MM degree on Sept 24.  Both called communications.   Even if not part of the degree team, we can always  use people to stand in for candidates.    Thanks to everyone that always gives extra as well as comes out to support these degrees on the sidelines.

A few things happening in September beyond the practices.  Masters and Wardens on Sept 5.  DDGM visit at Mokanna on Sept 14.  On Sept 25 the Grand Master is visiting Clermont lodge.  It would be great to get over there and meet neighbor brothers and the GM.  Sept 29 District ME/MLT at Pine Castle Lodge 7pm.  

Lastly lets talk about our masonic license plates.   The Proud 17th Masonic District loves to lead the way.  Gentlemen, looking at the August tag report we are not leading, in fact we are pretty far down the list behind Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade counties.    We have 161 tags sold to date.  State-wide we do have 3874 at a total and close to our 4000 sold goal.  But remember, it isn’t JUST about making sure we can keep the tags.  It is also that portion of tag sales that support the Masonic Home Endowment.  The advertising that will fit on whatever type of car you may have that helps bring in new visibility.  I have heard all the excuses such as not an attractive design, waiting to get my renewal then I will get one, etc.  Its time to be sure at least one of our vehicles has one.


Mark Kirkley, Senior Warden



Greetings my Brothers,

I want to thank all who helped in the kitchen at out last meeting.  It appears that out attendance continues to grow.  It’s good to see our lodge progressing and that the families are involved as much as they are.

The menu for the second September meeting will be a surprise , simply because my wife and I are vacationing in France and I haven’t had time to prepare a menu.  I know that with the help of my brothers and ladies of or lodge we will have a great dinner.

W:. Bro Clawson Peacock

Junior Warden




I would like to wish “Happy Birthday” to all the Brothers who have birthdays in September.  Also, thanks to all the members who have paid their dues this year.  We have only 3 Brothers who haven’t paid yet.

Notices have been sent out to them.  I would love to see us have 100% participation in dues payment this year.

We are receiving petitions for membership almost weekly.  Your lodge is really growing.  Come join us for an upcoming EA Degree. 

Date and time to be announced by the Worshipful Master, and keep an eye on the website for all upcoming events.

If you missed the District Deputy Grand Master visit last meeting, you missed a great meeting and meal.  Over 50 brothers in attendance.

Everyone should be proud of our officers and their ritual-floor work.  Excellent work guys !!!

See you in lodge soon!


W:.Sec. Jerry Clark




Hello to all my Brothers of WG Lodge # 165 , F & AM. Well, here it is

SEPTEMBER already. Summer is over & every thing starts to get very busy again, including our lodge activities. Thank you all for your continuing support of our lodge. School has resumed, so watch out for the many children going to & from school. If you are traveling by car, this Labor Day Weekend, be safe & be aware that the Police everywhere will be watching for any & all violations.

Let us all Keep our brother Phil Moffses in out prayers as his wife Sandra passed away on August 30th after a long illness. Her memorial service is scheduled for October 24th at the First Presbyterian Church, downtown Orlando at 10:00AM in the Chapel. This date is their anniversary and the place where they got married. If you can be there, the many appendant bodies, including Eastern Star, Amaranth, and Daughters of White Shrine have been asked to participate. Please mark your calendars accordingly .
Good news !! Right Worshipful Brother Jack Quesinberry has had his knee replacement surgery & is on the Physical Therapy Road to full recovery. Word from the hospital medical staff is that they sent him home early to get rid of him. We have several brothers & family members with illnesses or diseases who need our ongoing concern & prayers. Please keep them in your thoughts.
Thinking of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, here is some praise from scripture:
“When I look up into the night and see the work of your hands — the moon and the stars you have made — I cannot understand how you can bother with mere man, to pay attention to him. And yet you have made him only a little lower than the Angels and placed a crown of glory and honor upon his head. You have put him in charge of everything you made; everything is put under his authority: all animals, all birds and all life in the oceans. O God , the majesty and glory of your name fills the earth. 


Joe Gracey, Chaplain.

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