Trestle Board for October 2015


Winter Garden Stated Communication on Oct. 1st at 7:30PM

Bahia Shrine on Oct. 1st  at 7:30PM

Masters & Wardens at Eola No. 207 on Oct. 3rd. Breakfast at 8AM meeting at 9AM

District 17 Memorial Lodge at Eola No. 207 on Oct. 3rd.  Immediately following M&W

York Rite Chapter/ Council on Oct. 8th at Eola Lodge, Dinner 6:30PM, Meeting 7:30PM

Winter Garden  Stated Communication on Oct. 15th at 7:30PM, dinner at 6:30PM

York Rite Commandery on Oct. 22nd at Eola Lodge, Dinner 6:30PM, Meeting 7:30PM

Scottish Rite  Stated Meeting on Oct. 23rd at 7PM

Open Books on Oct. 24th at 9AM at Winter Park 239




We are now into our final quarter of the year.  In September, we conferred two degrees, and initiated Brothers Seth Gibson and Zander Austin, and raised Brother Angel Miranda.   I would like to congratulate these brothers and welcome them to the Fraternity.   The degree teams for both degrees did a good job and we had great turnouts for each degree.  I would like to thank the Brothers from Orlando 69 and the Past Masters Unit for their assistance with the Master Mason Degree, and thank Right Honorable Kilmartin who delivered the lectures for each degrees.    

We have a few things coming up in October.  At our first stated communication on October 1st, we will be balloting on two petitions.  One petition is for affiliation to our lodge for Brother David Barron.  The other petition is for dual membership of Worshipful Gerald Whitlock.  We will also be balloting on the resolutions to change the bylaws of the lodge to raise the dues to $100, and to change the per capita to $20 per year.  Please make an effort to attend so that you can ballot for these petitions and changes in the bylaws. 

At our second stated communication, we are looking to have an open program for the families and visitors to be exposed to the memorial funeral lodge ritual and procedures.  The intent is to give the family members and local Pastors, Priests, and church officials an understanding of what a masonic funeral looks like and to know what to do when a brother mason passes to the celestial lodge above.   Who to contact, what to do, etc… There is a possibility that this program may be pushed to the first meeting in November to allow for more time to get the word out about this important meeting.  We are currently scheduled to have the York Rite masonic body come and do a presentation about their organization at our second stated communication.  They will be good informative meetings and I hope you can make them.  

The next improvement project at the lodge will be to replace the sound system in the lodge room.  Worshipful Ken Lyons and Brother Mike Kramer will be spearheading this project.  Once that project is completed, we will be replacing the hinges on the front doors of the building.  Brothers Dan Kuhl and Carl Bentley will be working on that project.  If you would like to help with either project, please let me know, so that we can coordinate these efforts.   

I look forward to seeing you all during the upcoming events, and would encourage you to reach out to a member that you haven’t seen in awhile and invite them to lodge again. 


Frank Lopez

Worshipful Master, Winter Garden Lodge No. 165



Greetings from the west.

 Looking back at September it was a busy month for degrees.   Two new EA’s initiated and one MM raised.  It is rewarding to hear praise from the sidelines regarding the team’s skills in putting on a degree.  That means  that to the candidate or brother, it certainly must appear (what they can see) well orchestrated.   Even though we know we have opportunities and everyone forgets a word or sentence, we strive each time for perfection and are slightly disappointed with anything less.  It shows our heart IS in our work.  Let me tell you, I think it was my most nerve shattering moment during my first opening of the lodge, and MM degree, to see the DDGM, DI, and Past Grand Master in the lodge.  As if the other 40 or so pair of eyes and ears aren’t enough pressure.

Here we are in the last quarter of the masonic year.  It looks like we may get another set of EA’s initiated and we have a good number of EA’s that need to return and be passed to FC.  As always anyone interested in taking part in a position for the degrees or even helping as a stand in candidate are welcome and let me know.  It’s also time to be thinking about the craft’s goals for next year.  I am sure any officer will continue the progressive work the previous masters and lodge has put forth.  If you have ideas or concerns for next year, or feedback for this year to improve on, please share with the elected officers so that can be incorporated or adjusted next year.  After all, the officers work to put together the plan as well as deliver the goals of the craft and Grand Lodge.  When you ask yourself why you became a mason and your goals, tell us so we can help you towards fulfilling that.


Mark Kirkley, Senior Warden



Greetings my Brothers,

It has been a very active month for me.  The first two weeks in France, haven’t stopped yet, two meals and two degrees, and now getting ready for the meal on 15 Oct 2015, consisting of CAT FISH NUGGETS, HUSHPUPPIES, FRENCH FRIES, DESERT WITH REGULAR DRINKS. I thank all the Brothers who have lent a hand, it would not have been, without all your help.  I especially thank Brother Beckett for filling for me while I was having a great time in France.  I have been informed that this month will be very active as well. Hope to see you there.

W:. Bro Clawson Peacock

Junior Warden



Brethren:Your Winter Garden Lodge is having a great year.  Come and be with us at our 2nd stated meeting.  We will be having the York Rite do a presentation to the craft and all the new members that have joined recently.  We will be conferring at least 2 more degrees before the end of the year.  Take part in these degrees, or just be a sideliner and enjoy your Lodge’s ritual work and the fellowship that goes along.Get involved in all the good stuff happening here.  Your are never too old to participate.  See you soon.


W:.Sec. Jerry Clark



My brothers, OCTOBER is here. The seasons change again. The lodge seems to be doing well. New EA’s, FC’s & MM’s have become our brothers. RW Jack Quesinberry is still at Doctor Phillips Hospital but has moved from ICU to a regular room. His next move will be to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center ( BIRC ) in downtown Orlando. That should be in the near future as he continues to recover from the stroke three weeks ago.
As I sit here writing this piece of the Trestle Board, I look around our comfortable home and think of the hard work that we did to transform our home to it’s present condition. Then I realized that the years of labor we devoted to transforming our home are nothing compared to the time and effort the Supreme Architect puts into transforming our lives. We are a work in progress, being transformed over a lifetime, day by day, by our loving Creator. The job of transforming each of us is not over, but we are assured that HE will complete the work begun in us — replacing our old ways with ” what is good and acceptable and perfect. Our journey in Free Masonry is surely one that is inspired by our Creator and brings glory to Him. My Brothers, pray for each other so that we can live together whole and healed. The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.


Joe Gracey, Chaplain.

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