Trestle Board for November 2014

Stated Communication on Nov. 6th and 20th at 7:30PM,  Dinner on Nov. 20th at 6:30PM

Our Monthly Charity is The United Cerebral Palsy Charter School, Winter Garden Chapter 



W.B. Scott Penvose, Secretary
W.B. Scott Penvose, Secretary

Hello Brothers, I would like to wish all of you who have a Birthday in NOVEMBER a very Happy Birthday.

We will soon be sending out our 2015 dues and donation notices. Grand Lodge has raised the per capita this year. If you struggle with the cost of the dues, please contact the Worshipful Master or myself.  We will be receiving the petition for Bruce Micheal Earl for the three degrees. 

Thank you,

Scott Penvose PM Sec.



WB Jerry Clark, WM
WB Jerry Clark, WM


November is here and your Winter Garden Lodge is conferring another Master Mason Degree.  It will be held here at the lodge.  See Brother Senior Warden’s schedule of events for date and time. Mark you calendars and come out and enjoy the fellowship with your Winter Garden and District brothers. 

November is also the time we start planning our Christmas Parade Float.  If you would like to participate, please contact me or Brother Lopez.  We need candy donated to pass out to the children on our journey through Winter Garden.  Candy or a cash donation is always welcome.  Please no Chocolate candy, sometimes the weather is too warm. 

The 2014 year is winding down, and I want all of you to know it has been a Fantastic year here at Winter Garden 165.  I really hate to see my term end, but I am looking forward to next year and all the great things that are planned for our Lodge. I hope to see everyone at our two meetings in November, and don’t forget our Thanksgiving Dinner on our second meeting.  Dinner at 6:30pm, meeting at 7:30pm. 

Fraternally yours,

Brother Jerry Clark

Worshipful Master


Upcoming District Events 

Wednesday Oct 29 – District Masonic Education and Masonic Leadership Training held at Pine Castle Lodge at 7pm.  ME will be balloting and MLT will be modules 2 and 11 –  Masters Duties and Ritual. 

Saturday, November 1st – Masters and Wardens meeting held at Orlando 69. Breakfast at 8am, meeting starts at 9am.  Memorial Lodge 17 meeting to follow. 

Saturday, November 15 – Grand Masters Steak Dinner held at Orange Blossom 80 at 6pm. $25 per person. See WM Greg Waldron for details.



Bro. Frank Lopez SW
Bro. Frank Lopez SW

 I wanted to thank everyone who was able to attend all of the events that we had in October.  Congratulations to our 4 Fellow Crafts that returned their proficiency during our stated communication.  They did a great job and we appreciate the continued effort Worshipful Paul Tinsley gives to instruct the new brothers.  We have begun practicing for the MM Degree that will be held on November 15th.  It will be held at the lodge this time.  We hope to be able to confer an outdoor degree early next year.   

I will be meeting with the past masters on November 17th to discuss my plans for 2015 and to review the budget.  I will be presenting my budget on the 2nd stated communication for discussion and adoption.  Our lodge continues to expand its footprint within West Orange County.  Thanks again to all the brothers for your continued participation in this endeavor.  If we haven’t seen you in lodge recently, we would love to see you again.  There are new and exciting things happening in our lodge.  Come by and visit with us.   

Scheduled Meetings for November:

November 1st:  Masters & Wardens at Orlando 69 Lodge at 8:00 am for breakfast, 9:00 am meeting start time.  Memorial Lodge directly following.

November 3rd:  Practice for MM Degree at Lodge starts at 6:30 pm. 

November 5th:  Practice for MM Degree at Lodge starts at 6:30 pm.  

November 6th:  WG #165 1st stated Communication.  Meeting starts at 7:30 pm with refreshments and dessert following. 

November 10th:  Practice for MM Degree at Lodge starts at 6:30 pm. 

November 12th:  Practice for MM Degree at Lodge starts at 6:30 pm.  

November 12th:  District School of Instruction at Orlando 69 Lodge at 7:30 pm.

November 15th:  Called communication for MM Degree at WG Lodge #165 starts at 10am/11am/12pm.

November 17th: Meeting with Past Masters for discussion on 2015.

November 20th:  WG #165 2nd stated communication with meal at 6:30 pm, meeting starting at 7:30 pm.

November 20th:  York Rite Commandry meeting at 7:30 pm.

November 26th:  District School of Instruction at Orlando 69 Lodge at 7:30 pm. 

November 28th:  Scottish Rite meeting 7:00 pm.

 Fraternally Yours,

Brother Frank Lopez

Senior Warden


 Photo from our October dinner meeting.  We had a lecture from Asma  Addarrat of United Cerebral Palsey of Central Florida.  She is pictured center and flanked by WM Jerry Clark on the left and SW Frank Lopez on the right.




bro. Mark Kirkley, J.W.
bro. Mark Kirkley, J.W.

November is here and with it comes time to reflect on Thanksgiving.  Things to be thankful for such as we now only need to cut our grass every three weeks.  Thankful that our AC bills will drop and we may actually be able to open our home windows for fresh air.  But also thankful that there was someone who’s path we crossed in life that took a few moments to share some light with us about Freemasonry.  Thankful for that mentor or Worshipful Master that helped us with those catechisms or going through chairs.  Those Stewards that slaved in the kitchen to have a well cooked meal ready promptly at 6:30.  

Hopefully everyone will be thankful for our November meal.  We will be serving a traditional American Thanksgiving meal.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, peas, and biscuits.  This will be a heavy meal with turkey so hopefully cooler air and a stirring lodge will keep us awake after. 

I would like to recognize those brothers that came out and took part in Master Mason Exams.  Some were renewals and others first timers.  W. Clark, W.Tinsley, SW Lopez, SD Peacock, JS Becket, Bros Austin Arthur and Dan Kuhl, and myself.  Hopefully scores will be returned soon and we all passed.  We have also cleaned out the Secretary’s office of lodge training materials.  Amazing how many were outdated.  We placed an order and have updated lesson and training material.  Hopefully we will have that assembled soon and perhaps in Dec we can offer Lodge Officers Training.  Stay tuned.


Bro.  Mark kirkley,

Junior Warden



Bro. Joseph Gracey, Chaplain
Bro. Joseph Gracey, Chaplain

Greetings my brothers, welcome to the month of November. This month we have Veterans Day on the 11th and Thanksgiving Day on the 27th. A time to remember the sacrifices that so many of our brave servicemen and women have made as they defend our great nation and serve to protect the freedoms that we take for granted. Also this month is a time when we celebrate the manifold blessings that the Supreme Architect of the Universe has bestowed upon us. Remember those brave Pilgrims who fled from their homeland to an unknown future in a new land so that they might escape the oppressive tyranny forced upon them. And most important of all, on the 4th is Election Day. Be sure to vote and remind all your friends and loved ones to vote. Let’s take back the America we love.
And finally my Brothers, Don’t just pretend that you love others; really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of good. Love each other with brotherly affection and take delight in honoring each other. Never be lazy in your work, but serve our Almighty Father enthusiastically.

Fraternally, Brother Joe Gracey, Chaplain.

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