Stated Communication on Mar. 5th at 7:30PM,  dessert & refreshments following

Stated Communication & DDGM on Mar. 19th at 7:30PM,  dinner will be served at 6:30PM




Greetings from your Secretary :

There are still 16 Brothers who haven’t paid their dues.  If you are not sure if you have paid or not, please contact me.  If you haven’t paid, please put a check in the mail today.  Don’t get Suspended for Non-Payment od Dues.  Remember,  No Masonic Funeral or entry into the Masonic Home if you are delinquent. 

And it takes your dues to keep your Lodge open.  Please take care of this today.  If you need help, contact me or the Master.


To those who have paid, Thank You !!!

See you in lodge soon,  


W:.Sec. Jerry Clark





This year is off and running. We were able to confer the MM Degree for brothers Nathan Zetterlund and Jorge Zambrano on February 4th.  We’ve had two successful stated communications averaging 40+ brothers in attendance and have claimed the travelling gavel twice in February from Oviedo Lodge and Mokanna Lodge with a contigency of 11 and 13 brothers respectively.   This is a team effort and I am extremely humbled by the level of support and enthusiasm you have given me thus far.   I would like to thank all of the officers who have settled into their new positions and who have taken the time to improve their ritual work.  The work shows, and many positive comments have been made already by the craft and visiting brothers from around the District.  I believe it is important to take pride in the kind of work that we do because ultimately it makes for a better experience for everyone involved.  I would also like to thank the officers and brothers involved in the Lodge Committees, and the Lodge Instructors, for the work they are currently doing to improve the lodge and its members. It is very satisfying to see so many of you involved and willing to do the work that will have a lasting impact on the future of this lodge. Lastly, I would like to thank W:.Ken Lyons, W:.Craig Frasier, and W:.Clawson Peacock for installing the exterior spotlight on the square and compass on the side of the building, and R:.W:.Jack Quesinberry, W:.Tom Jenkins, and W:.Bart Patria for helping me clean out and reorganize the closets by the Tyler’s desk. What an incredible history lesson and  I appreciate your help!

At our first stated communication in March we will be having the Bahia Demolay Chapter visit us and perform the “Ceremony of Light”during the open portion of the meeting.   It is my intent to dedicate the charity plate that evening to the Bahia Demolay Chapter in support of Masonic Youth Month in the month of March.  All Friends and Family are invited to attend this portion of the meeting.  During our second stated communication, we will be having our official DDGM visit by R:.W:.Johnny Brock and his committeemen.  R:.W:.Brock will be delivering the Grand Masters’s farewell address.   

I look forward to seeing you all during these events, and would encourage you to reach out to a member that you haven’t seen in a while and invite them to lodge again. 


Frank Lopez

Worshipful Master, Winter Garden Lodge No. 165




Fraternal greetings from the west.  The masonic year is in high gear now and already we have so much accomplished as a lodge (see W.Lopez article).  Each month we are making strides in finishing tasks, putting on programs, in addition to our usual business of degrees, catechisms and running the lodge.  It is very encouraging to see so many established members of the lodge sitting in-lodge as well as helping in activities, while so many newer brothers helping out.  Speaking of new brothers at our last meal alone we had at least five new interested candidates.

On that note about candidates, we had a great presentation from Brother Juan Sepulveda last month on “Bridging the Gap.”  One of the many interesting topics he mentioned was for us to step out of our comfort zone with new brothers.   We are accustomed to our groups of friends, classmates, etc. that we have established rapport in the lodge.  But we should be mindful to break out of our comfort zone and use our knowledge and brotherly love to welcome new brothers, new candidates.  Sit with them at the meals, invite them to sit next to you in lodge so you can share some insights quietly.  Establish that foundation in the newer brothers that you have that has kept you engaged over time.   And to those newer  brothers, don’t be afraid to approach a past master, an officer, or other established member and sit down and ask questions about what it was like back “when.”

I wanted to remind everyone the Finance Committee completed their year-start audit according to regulations and reporting favorable findings.  The committee is engaged in longer-term work to review the processes, categories, and paperwork with more reports to come.  We are fortunate to have so many devoted to accuracy, efficiency, and reporting.  Some of the first changes we will be looking at is improved categorization to allow for more detailed and accurate reports.  Additionally paperwork reduction to improve the process between secretary, treasure, worshipful master, and any individual auditing (to include the IRS).  Lastly for the entire lodge to get better understanding of our financial health so we can make informed decisions around any repairs, replacements, charity or other donations we want or need to make.

March will be another busy month, certainly throughout the proud 17th Masonic district.  Get out and travel and see your brothers.  Share and learn.  Here is what is on deck so far:




March 1 Shrine Pancake Breakfast 8am-12 Bahia Shrine

March 5 Stated Meeting 7:30pm Winter Garden

March 7 Masters and Wardens 8am breakfast S. Seminole 9- 10:30am meet

March 8 Sam Swope charity Ride Bahia Shrine

March 11 District School of Instruction 7:30-9pm S. Seminole

March 13-14 York Rite Spring Festival Eola

March 19 Stated Meeting (DDGM visit) 630-730 meal Winter Garden 7:30-9pm lodge

March 21 Masonic Home Pilgrimage all day St Petersburg, FL

March 24 District School of Instruction 7:30-9pm S. Seminole

March 27 Scottish Rite Ceremony of Remembrance 6:30p Scottish Rite Center

March 28-29 American Heritage Event 10am-4 Scottish Rite Center





First I thank every one who assisted in the prep and serving of the meal on Feb 19, 2015.  It was very well attended, as we ( the Steward’s) served 57 meals and took in $185.00 dollars.  The stewards really took charge and made the Lodge look good .


    We have been busy in our travel to other Lodges. We traveled to Oviedo Lodge and brought the Traveling Gavel back to Winter Garden Lodge.  And then Mokanna Lodge came and it went traveling again.  Then we traveled to Mokanna and returned it to Winter Garden.  Rumors are it will travel again on March 5, 2015.  Come join us and our visiting brothers in fellowship.  TRAVEL, TRAVEL,TRAVEL.


    Our next meal plan is for BBQ country ribs, cold slaw, baked beans, and the usual desert and drinks.


W:. Bro Clawson Peacock

Junior Warden





My Brothers,

March is Masonic Youth Month. By order of our Worshipful Master, your Charity Committee has met, discussed and made recommendations to the members ,at the FEBRUARY 19th Stated Communication, regarding the following items:

The local American Cancer Society requested permission to use the lodge parking lot and lawn for a Kid’s Zone for their up coming Relay For Life vent. The committee recommended approval and a motion was made, seconded & approved by the members of the lodge. We will be included on their liability insurance.

The Florida Rainbow Girls current Statewide Service Project is helping Camp Boggy Creek in Eustis, Florida. They have requested assistance from Masonic Lodges. The committee recommended that two gift cards in the amount of $ 50.00 ( one from PUBLIX & one from Walmart ) be purchased and presented to the local Rainbow Girls Assembly. A motion was made,seconded & approved by the members of the lodge.

A local Demolay Chapter will be visiting our lodge & performing their Ceremony of Light Ritual during open lodge. The committee recommended that the Charity Plate from that evening’s lodge meeting be given the the Demolay Chapter. A motion was made, seconded & approved by the members of the lodge.

And finally my Brothers, remember that you have promised to befriend and relieve every Brother who shall need your assistance. Be ye all of one mind; live in peace, and may the God of love and peace delight to dwell with and bless you.

Fraternally, Brother Joe Gracey, Chaplain.

Phone 407- 347- 5753 or 407- 408- 5221 or email me at


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