Trestle Board for July 2015


  • Stated Communication on July 2nd at 7:30PM,
  • 12th Annual Winter Garden  Kids Parade  Breakfast from 8—10 am
  • Stated Communication & DDGM Visit on July 16th at 7:30PM, dinner at 6:30PM
  • District School of Instruction at Winter Garden  on July 8th & July 22nd
  • York Rite Chapter / Council on July 9th at Eola Lodge, Dinner 6:30PM, Meeting 7:30PM
  • York Rite Commandery on July 23rd at Eola Lodge, Dinner 6:30PM, Meeting 7:30PM
  • Scottish Rite -July 24th: Stated Meeting & Official Visit of the SGIG
  • Called Communication for MM Degree on July 25th , 8AM Breakfast,  9AM  Degree . This MM degree will be  conferred 100% by Past Masters!
  • Open books at Winter Park on July 25th  from 9AM-3PM.  Breakfast & Lunch available
  • Scottish Rite -July 31st, 6:30 PM : 3rd annual Putt-Putt Golf Challenge and dinner! $15
  • Grotto will be dark in July & August




We are mid way through the year.  I can’t believe it has gone by this fast.  The lodge is thriving and their is a lot of momentum going right now in our lodge.  It is an exciting time!  

I would like to congratulate or 4 new EA’s, Brother’s Connor Eversen,

Cesar Suchite, Joe Bernier, and Kelvin Galloza who were initiated on June 25th.  We had a great turnout for the degree.  We had 40+ brothers in attendance with Brothers from Pine Castle Lodge, Orange 36, Mokanna Lodge, Orlando 69, and Winter Park Lodge visiting with us.  We currently have 9 Brothers going through the various degrees of freemasonry, with already 3-4 more turning in petitions to get started.  Let’s keep up the membership drive.    

We have a full month of events in July my Brothers.  On July 4th, we will be hosting our 12th annual Kids Bike Parade at our Lodge.  Breakfast will be served from 8-10am.  The parade will begin at 10 am.  It should be the largest turnout to date.  We will have Congressmen Webster, Mayor Reese, and other city officials in attendance.  Breakfast will be free for the kids and the money collected from the adults will benefit our Adopt a School/Adopt a Teacher program at the Lodge. This is by far our largest event of the year and I hope you all can make it to participate or help out.  Wear your masonic shirt, hat,etc.. to show the community of Winter Garden the extent of the masonic presence here. 

At our first Stated communication, we should be receiving two proficiencies for the EA and FC degree catechisms.  In addition we will be balloting on Mr. Alvaro Barboza to receive the three degrees in freemasonry.  At our Second stated communication, we will be having our official DDGM visit.  The new DDGM will be delivering the Grand Master’s message, and we will be hearing from our new District Committeemen.  I hope that you can all come out and be with us for those two meetings. 

Finally, on July 25th, we will be having  a Master Mason Degree.  Breakfast will be served at 8 am, and then sections one and two will be given back to back. We have 3 candidates from our lodge going through the degree.   We are in the process of coordinating the past masters of our lodge to confer this degree.  R:.W:.Teal has agreed to be in the east for the degree.  For the Fist time that I know of, this degree will be conferred by only Past Masters of Winter Garden lodge.  It will be good for the younger members to see the past masters performing and great for the overall moral of the Lodge.  I hope that you can make it out and show your support.  

I look forward to seeing you all during the upcoming events, and would encourage you to reach out to a member that you haven’t seen in a while and invite them to lodge again. 


Frank Lopez

Worshipful Master, Winter Garden Lodge No. 165



Greetings from the west.

Travel…Travel…Travel.   One of the side benefits of being a District Committeeman this year, is that I get to see other lodges and meet new brothers.   Here are a few observations of nuances from other district lodges.  Turning off the lights except those over the alter when closing the great lights.  Giving the full speech of “wages” when rewarding a first  time visitor.  Calling out the upcoming birthdays from the Secretary.  Having the past masters, visiting masters, visitors of a lodge stand up individually when recognized.  It is really good to see how other lodges operate.   And remember, if you are traveling, make sure the JW knows so he can log it in for lodge credit or put on the sheet at the Tyler’s desk.  Speaking of District work, something we will hear from our DDGM visit from RH DI Kilmartin.  The importance of ritual work, doing our best to strive for perfection in lodge ritual as well as degrees.   Not only does it reflect our pride in our work.  With perfection we make sure that each brother receives the same experience and one that is given based on the solemnity of the occasion.    It has become synonymous with Winter Garden the strides we make to deliver degrees to the best of our ability.  Not just focusing on words, but floor work.  

July will be a busy month.  Our annual 4th of July parade, the Grand Master visit to the district, the DDGM visit to our lodge, zone education.   Please turn out and support your lodge, your community, your brothers,  and improve yourself.  Be sure to go on-line and check out the new Grand Lodge as well as 17th Masonic District website


Mark Kirkley, Senior Warden




It has been great these last few months, processing multiple petitions for membership.  We have a bunch of new candidates and new brothers coming into our lodge.  Please come to our meetings and dinners and meet these new men and their families.  These are the men that will be leading our lodge in the near future.  The Fourth of July Parade and Breakfast is this month.  Please come and join in.  We will find a place for you to help, if you just ask.  Be sure to wear your Masonic Shirts, vests and/or hats to show you are a Mason.  Be proud you are a Mason and a member of Winter Garden Lodge.

We still have a couple of Brothers that haven’t paid their 2015 dues.  Do It Now !!

I hope to see you at the Grand Master’s Official Visit on July 11th at the Scottish Rite.  Remember it’s free to all members.  Come out and meet the new Grand Line, and have a great meal.

See you in lodge soon,  


W:.Sec. Jerry Clark



Greetings my Brothers;


Great things are happening all around us.  We had a great time (very good attendance) making four new EA’S, with a very good showing for our degree team. 

  Another great meeting for the Masters & wardens  on June 27, 2015. 

  Reminder for all, on July 4 we will be serving breakfast to about 1000 Adults and kids, and will need a lot of help. 

 Don’t forget the M:.W:. Grand Master visit on July 11, 2015.  Come out and support your Lodge and get a free meal in return.  

Don’t forget the DDGM visit to Winter Garden Lodge on July 16, 2015.  Meal will be the preference of the DDGM ( if possible).

W:. Bro Clawson Peacock

Junior Warden




Hello my Brothers one & all. Now it is July already. A very important birthday in the history of our great nation. I cannot think of a better prayer for the United States of America than the one we use when we open the lodge & the nation’s flag is presented for honors. It goes like this.

” Almighty Father of us all, humbly we ask thy blessing on this symbol of out land, our homes, our liberties. More especially, we beseech thee to open our eyes that we may more fully enshrine within our hearts the heritage which is ours, the value of our liberties, the glory of that symbol before which we bow in reverence, only less than that which we kneel to thee. Suffer us all to pledge with our hearts, as we have pledged with our lips, an undying devotion to the flag which stands for the America we love. AMEN.”

In this present culture where patriotism is often forgotten or an after thought by many, it is our duty as Brothers, as Veterans if we were fortunate to serve, as citizens of this great nation & as GOD loving men to set the example whenever the opportunity presents itself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. May GOD continue to bless this great nation.


Gracey, Chaplain.

Phone 407- 347- 5753 or 407- 408- 5221 or email

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