Trestle Board for January 2015


EA Degree on Jan 6th starting at 7:00PM

Stated Communication on Jan. 15th at 7:30PM,  Dinner at 6:30PM

Our Annual Charity is The United Cerebral Palsy Charter School, Winter Garden Chapter



W.B. Scott Penvose, Secretary
W.B. Scott Penvose, Secretary

Hello Brothers, I would like to wish all of you who have a Birthday in January a very happy Birthday. If you have not sent in your 2015 Dues, please do so now. After Dec 28 you will be delinquent.  Also Brothers I have stepped aside as your secretary for personal reasons. I will assist W Clark in the transition and I know he will do a great job. It has been a privilege serving. 

Thank you,

Scott Penvose PM Sec.



WB Jerry Clark, WM
WB Jerry Clark, WM


The 2014 year is over, and I want to thank the Craft for all the support I received last year. I really hated to see the year end.  I had a wonderful and rewarding year as Master of the Lodge.  I look forward to serving the lodge as Secretary this year, and working with WM:. Lopez and our line of fine officers.  I can see that this year will be a great year too. I would like to thank all the Brothers and their wives for helping out with our functions last year.  The 4th of July Pancake Breakfast was our largest ever, and the Christmas Parade and Hamburger/Hot Dog cookout  was a huge success.  The ladies always have that special touch that us guys just can’t get done.  I would also like to thank Glenda, my beautiful wife, for all her support during my year as Master and the previous years with me going through the line.  It was such fun with her by my side.  I can’t wait to get back to teaching the new Masons and being a part of their new Journey through Masonry.

Come on out to the meetings, degrees and functions.  Come out and see what your Lodge is doing and the lives they touch and influence.  Come out and get involved.  Thank you all for what you do.  See you soon. 

Thank you again.

Fraternally yours,

Brother Jerry Clark

Worshipful Master



Bro. Frank Lopez SW
Bro. Frank Lopez SW

 Thank you for all the support you have given me this year as the Senior Warden.  I really enjoyed serving the lodge in the west.  I look forward to serving the Lodge as the Worshipful Master in 2015 and continue to guide the lodge in a positive and thriving manner.  We continue to develop great leaders in the lodge and am excited to work with next years elected and appointed officers.  This past year, we have had many new brothers get involved conferring our degrees.  This is vitally important to the continued growth and prosperity of our lodge. Our ritual work has continued to improve and is evident by the many positive comments that we have received after a degree.  The energy and motivation of the craft is growing and I am excited about the new opportunities that we will have to serve our community in 2015 with your continued support.       

We do have an EA Degree to confer before our installation in January.  It will be a called communication on January 6th, at 7:00 pm.  We will have two candidates participating in the degree.  Brother Clawson Peacock will sit in the east for the first time in a degree.  We look forward to your support and attendance.   

If we haven’t seen you in lodge recently, we would love to see you again.  There are new and exciting things happening in our lodge.  Come by and visit with us.   

Scheduled Meetings for January:

January 1st:  WG #165 1st stated Communication.  We will be dark on this meeting due to the New Year’s Holiday Observance.  

January 5th:  Practice for EA Degree at Lodge starts at 6:30 pm. 

January 6th:  Called communication for EA Degree at Lodge starts at 7:00pm.  

January 8th:  Practice for Installation starts at 6:30 pm.

January 8th: York Rite chapter/council meeting at 7:30 pm. 

January 10th: Installation ceremony for Winter Garden Lodge #165.  Breakfast will be served at 8:00 am.  Ceremony will begin at 9:00 am.  

January 15th:  WG Lodge #165 2nd stated communication with a meal at 6:30 pm, meeting starting at 7:30 pm.  

January 22nd:  York Rite Commandry meeting at 7:30 pm.

January 23rd:  Scottish Rite meeting 7:00 pm.


Fraternally Yours,

Brother Frank Lopez

Senior Warden



bro. Mark Kirkley, J.W.
bro. Mark Kirkley, J.W.

 Farewell from the South.

Here is my last column from the south before going to the west.  Thanks to all who exercised their confidence in me by electing me to Senior Warden.   I am looking forward to another year of giving to the lodge and my brothers, this time without kitchen duties.   For an adult accustomed to cooking for two for the last 10-14 years of his life, cooking for 20-700 has proved to be a learning experience.  Planning, logistics, timing, budgeting, motivation, and appreciation all have come into play.  

Thanks to all the brothers, and their wives, that have helped out in the last year.  Your assistance has made this “chair” a bit more comfortable vs challenging.  Deep appreciation for the huge support for the Christmas parade help.  I think we cleared around $250 profit with the sale of hot dogs/hamburgers. 

I have tried to keep the masonic education lively in our lodge.  Picking monthly topics applicable to what we were experiencing that month in-lodge.  We are still waiting on the MM exam results to come back.  I hope to finish the updating of our mentor and study material over the holiday’s and get the booklets back into the lodge.  We have had so many degrees I have not had time to provide lodge officer courses.  But we now have the material and hopefully Q1 we can get this done.

As we enter into our new year, be thinking of what we can do, individually and as a group.  How can we innovate in order to stay vibrant and grow and at the same time, staying connected in our roots and traditions?   


Bro.  Mark Kirkley,

Junior Warden


Bro. Joseph Gracey, Chaplain
Bro. Joseph Gracey, Chaplain

 Greetings my brothers and Happy New Year. So now we have changed from 2014 to 2015 which is the way our lives work. If we are living we are changing. Sometimes those changes are small, slow and steady, but still change is occurring. Sometimes we live through seasons of big changes which are obvious and impossible to miss. But to live is to experience change, whether the changes are obvious or subtle. As I write these words, we are standing on the cusp of the new year and are reminded that time is always moving and with the passing of time comes the passing of seasons in our lives and the changes that come with that passage. We say good bye to 2014 and we welcome a new year, a new season in our lives. We never know what a new year will bring, only that it will bring some kind of change into our lives, as every season does. We can be sure of one thing though, the Supreme Architect of the Universe is in control and loves us. With that promise in our hearts, we can trust that whatever the new year brings, whether change is slow and steady or rapid and rough, that His Grace will be in it all and He will somehow use it to bless us, to renew us, to carry us through and to use us to bless others. With that promise in our hearts, we can joyfully and expectantly welcome the new year with whatever changes it may bring. So Happy New Year to all of you my brothers.

Fraternally, Brother Joe Gracey, Chaplain.

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Click here to download the Trestle Board in PDF format for easy printing.
Click here to download the Trestle Board in PDF format for easy printing.