Memorial Service for Brother Gaylord Lee Yochum

District 17 Memorial Lodge Funeral Service Announcement

Service: 2014-19

Name of Brother: Gaylord Lee Yochum

Date and place of Birth: Nov 15, 1922 Townville Pa

Date and place of Death: Sept 17, 2014 Altamont Springs Fl

Date of Service: Sept 21, 2014

Service Requested By: Nancy Yochum/ Wife

Type of Service: Memorial

Location: DeGusipe Funerel Home

9001 N Orlando Ave

Maitland Fl 32751

Phone 407-695-2273

David Tone

Assembly Time: 5:30 PM

Time of Service: 6:00 PM

Master of Ceremonies: Rich Wirth jr.

Lodge History: 59 Year member of Tyrian-Commonwealth Lodge 326

Scottish Rite, Erie, PA

York Rite, Erie PA

AAONOMS, Bahia Temple Orlando Fl

Other: US Army Vet WW II