Memorial Service for Brother Donald Casper Dotzler



District 17 Memorial Lodge  

Funeral Service Announcement  
Service:   No. 2014-30  
Name of Brother:    Donald Casper Dotzler   
Date and place of Birth:  March 26, 1946/ Detroit, Michigan   

Date and place of Death:  Jan 15, 2015/Ocoee, Fl   
Date of Service:   Jan 23, 2015  
Service Requested By:  Judy, Wife / Jeremy , son   

Type of Service:   Memorial 
Location of Service:  First United Methodist Church   
Address:  125 N Lakeview Ave,  Winter Garden, Fl. 
Assembly Time:   12:30 PM  
Time of Service:   1:00 PM   
Master of Ceremonies:   R:.W:. Johnny Brock  

Lodge History:   
EA  Nov 30, 1967,  Marion-Dunn Lodge 19    
FC  Feb 15, 1968,  Marion-Dunn Lodge 19  
MM May 11, 1968 Marion-Dunn Lodge 19  
25 Year service award May 11, 1993    
40 Year service award May 11, 2008   

Scottish Rite Tallahassee , Fl.   
Morocco  Temple Shrine, Tallahassee, Fl