Memorial service for Bro Brian Harrelson

District 17 Memorial Lodge Funeral Service Announcement

Service: No. 8

Name of Brother: Brian Eugene Harrelson Date of Birth: April 24, 1980 Orlando Fl

Date of Death: May 26 2014, Altamonte spg Fl.

Date of Service: June 2, 2014

Service Requested By: Ken Harrelson/ Father

Type of Service: Memorial

Location: Bahia, Shrine Temple

2300 Pembrook dr.

Orlando, Fl

Assembly Time: 2:30 PM Time of Service: 3:00 PM

Master of Ceremonies: TBD

Lodge History: EA May 26 2001

FC May 26 2001

MM May 26 2001

Nov 26 2001 Demitted/Reaffiliated Mokanna 329

Other: Shrine, Bahia Temple, Orlando Fl

Widows Son

Past President, Iron Horses

Children’s Director

Directors Staff