July 16th Highlights

Brother Austin Arthur was presented with his Masonic Bible, Leather Apron and Master Mason Certificate. (L-R): R:.W:. Steven Teal, Bro, Austin Arthur, W:.B:. Jerry Clark and W:.M”. Frank Lopez.
Russel and Peter Parsons, St Bryde 579, Uddingston, Scotland. W:.M:. Frank Lopez center.

We had a good turnout for last night’s meeting despite the memorial service for W:.B:.  Jim Wylam, Secretary of Orange Lodge No. 36 where over 35 brothers attended to show their respects.  We enjoyed a delicious fried chicken dinner thanks to our JW Clawson Peacock and the stewards along with his lovely wife Marie.  The homemade pies and other desserts were a big hit as always. Thanks to the wives.  We also had delicious birthday cake for our own Treasurer W:.B:. Mike Kilgore who turned 50 yesterday.  We all sang him the Happy Birthday song and thanked him for choosing to be with his Masonic family on his special day.

The Worshipful Master invited all of the families and friends into the lodge room for the presentation and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of our country.  At this time, Brother Austin Arthur was presented his Masonic Bible, Master Mason Certificate and Leather Apron.

We had two first time visitors from Scotland with us.  A father and son from St. Byrde Lodge No. 579.  Brothers Russell and Peter Parsons who are in town with a large number of family members who are celebrating Peter’s 50th wedding anniversary and enjoying the Disney parks.

Many of us gathered at Pilars after the meeting for a night cap and fellowship. The brothers from Scotland came along and we had an enjoyable conversation about the differences in Scottish and American Freemasonry.