Haunted House Materials Needed

Brothers,  The planning has begun for our 2017 Haunted House.  We are now in the discovery and material gathering phase.  We need the following materials to begin with.  

50 sheets of plywood 1/2inch
1- 8×100 4mil blk plastic
20 8x 2×4’s
20 8x 2×3’s& 2×2’s
100 steal door hinges 3 1/2 rounded
# 8 wood screws / 3/4 in screws*
10 gal cheap flat black latex paint & oops. Paint, 4 cans of cheap flat blk spray paint,rollers & brushes
Fire proof paint additive / turning Star/ Flamexx VE
1 Bolt of flat black cloth
Scene setter
8 small clamp lights.
5 boom boxes with repeat function.
Several heavy duty 50ft/25ft extensions, power strips*
Special bulbs/ strobes*
Staple guns, & staples*
Burlap bags, thick blk nylon fishing nets, camo tarps & netting.
2 fire extinguishers & first aid kit
Saw hourses & Folding tables &
A few pallets

Any kind of Halloween decorations

Prop list / costumes / makeup will be determined by gags chosen.

Your help is appreciated and will make this fundraiser a success!