2018 Elected and Appointed Officers

My Brothers,

There has been a slight change in the officer line from what was posted in the Trestle Board. This is the final list. We have assembled  a fantastic team and we are looking forward to another great year

Worshipful Master – Michael Andrew Kramer II

Senior Warden – Robert Daniel Shadowhawk Kuhl 

Junior Warden – Fred Kidwell

Senior Deacon – Gil Alvarez

Junior Deacon – David Barron

Senior Stewards – Paul Izzo

                                 Luis de Oliveira

                                 Michael William Compeau

Junior Stewards – Jose Moralles Jr.

                                 Anthony Tucciarone

                                 John Steven Czerniejewski

Chaplin – W. Ed McMullen

Marshal – W. Clawson Peacock

Tyler – W. Paul Tinsley